Bruker AXS user pages of former Nonius equipment

All information of the user pages of the former Nonius equipment is transferred to the  Bruker Support web page. (see the announcement ).

For existing old passwords the pages are still active, but new passwords are not issued.

December 2009:

Dear Nonius and Bruker Nonius User,

Since Bruker is committed to provide you with the best possible service we would like to make sure you are aware of the most efficient ways to get support for your Bruker Nonius and Nonius equipment. Therefore, read the subsequent message carefully, please. It contains IMPORTANT information for a smooth system operation in the future.

In March of 2009 BRUKER AXS announced the opening of the newapplication laboratories for Single Crystal Diffraction in Karlsruhe, Germany. At the same time we promised continuing the support for the installed Siemens, Nonius, Bruker Nonius and Bruker AXS Single Crystal Diffraction systems. Since a couple of years our SMART users have access to all available software and hardware documentation as well as Software Updates via the Bruker Support web page. We are happy to inform you that all information on updates as well as the software updates for your MACH3, KappaCCD, and KappaCCD2000 has been uploaded to this support page recently. This includes packages such as: Argus, Express, Collect, Collect Powderize, Collect Incommensurate, and EvalCCD. All upgrade and update packages will extract the license information from your currently installed license file and continue working if you have a valid license for the program right now. To enjoy the new download option you have to register yourself via www.Brukersupport.com. You might not have a serial number for entire system at hand. No problem! We will approve your registration manually.

Up to now there have been separate email addresses for hardware and software related questions. In the future please send all your requests and suggestions to customer.service@bruker-axs.com (from the USA or Canada) and to service@bruker-axs.de for all other countries. A strong team of specialists will do its best to provide you with an answer in almost no time.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you upgrading your existing maXus installation to ShelxTL. This upgrade package is now embedded in the APEX2 suite and is offered at moderate costs. Please, get in touch with your local Bruker AXS sales person and ask for a test-license!

We currently run some tests to process KappaCCD data within the APEX2 suite. We will keep you posted as soon as the tests have been completed successfully.

Let us also make you aware of the detector upgrade package, which is available for your precious KappaCCD goniometer. Bruker offers kits for upgrading to the latest APEX II detector the most sensitive CCD detector in the market. Configurations and prices are available via your local Bruker representative.


Dr. Martin Adam
SC-XRD Product Manager

(C) Bruker AXS BV, Updated November 2010